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What is BS EN 12004:2014?

BS EN 12004:2014 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements for adhesives used for ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, and agglomerated stone tiles. This standard ensures that the adhesives meet specific performance criteria and provide a reliable bond between the tiles and the substrate.

Importance of BS EN 12004:2014

This standard plays a crucial role in the construction industry as it ensures the quality and durability of tile installations. Adhesives meeting BS EN 12004:2014 standards provide a strong bond that withstands various stresses such as temperature changes, moisture, and mechanical loads. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers and installers can ensure the longevity and safety of tile installations.

Key Requirements of BS EN 12004:2014

1. Shear Strength: The adhesives must exhibit sufficient shear strength to withstand the anticipated loads on the tiles during their lifespan. This includes resistance to vertical, horizontal, and diagonal forces.

2. Open Time: Open time refers to the length of time that an adhesive remains workable after application. BS EN 12004:2014 specifies minimum open time requirements to ensure that installers have enough time to properly position the tiles before the adhesive sets.

3. Slip Resistance: Adhesives must provide adequate slip resistance to prevent tiles from moving or sliding once installed. This ensures the safety of individuals walking on the tiled surface.

4. Water Resistance: Tiles are often exposed to water in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Adhesives meeting BS EN 12004:2014 standards should maintain their performance and bonding properties even when exposed to moisture.


BS EN 12004:2014 is a vital standard in the construction industry, ensuring that adhesives used for ceramic, natural stone, and agglomerated stone tiles meet specific performance criteria. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers and installers can provide long-lasting and safe tile installations that withstand various stresses. Understanding the requirements of BS EN 12004:2014 is essential for anyone involved in tile installation projects.



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