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What is BS EN 12022:1999

Scope and ApplicationThe scope of BS EN 12022:1999 encompasses a wide range of industrial, commercial, and garage doors and gates. This includes overhead doors, sliding doors, folding doors, rolling shutters, and more. The standard applies to both manual and power-operated doors and gates, covering aspects like their dimensions, performance levels, and testing methods.

BS EN 12022:1999 is essential for manufacturers, installers, and designers in the industry as it establishes requirements that ensure the safety of users and operators. By adhering to this standard, industry professionals can design and produce doors and gates that meet recognized safety standards and reduce the risk of accidents and hazards.

Key Requirements and CriteriaThe standard outlines specific requirements and criteria that must be met in various areas related to industrial, commercial, and garage doors and gates:

Design and Construction: BS EN 12022:1999 sets out guidelines for door and gate design, including factors such as wind resistance, durability, stability, and structural integrity. These requirements are crucial to ensure safe operation and longevity.

Installation and Maintenance: The standard also covers installation practices and requirements, emphasizing proper procedures to guarantee correct fitting and secure operation. It provides guidance on regular inspections, maintenance responsibilities, and any required modifications or repairs.

Operating Characteristics: BS EN 12022:1999 defines performance levels for doors and gates, such as noise levels, speed, and safety features. This ensures that the operation of these systems remains efficient, quiet, and safe for users.

Safety Measures: The standard includes provisions for safety devices, warning signs, emergency controls, and other protective measures necessary to prevent accidents or injuries during operation.

ConclusionBS EN 12022:1999 plays a vital role in the industrial, commercial, and garage door and gate industry. It sets forth guidelines and requirements to ensure that doors and gates meet safety standards, perform reliably, and are properly installed and maintained.

By adhering to this technical standard, manufacturers, installers, and designers can confidently develop and offer products that prioritize user safety, functionality, and compliance with industry best practices. Furthermore, customers and end-users can have peace of mind knowing that the doors and gates they interact with meet established safety regulations and requirements.

In conclusion, BS EN 12022:1999 is an essential reference document that promotes safety and quality in the industry, ultimately safeguarding individuals and property while contributing to the smooth operations of industrial, commercial, and garage spaces.


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