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What is BS EN 12697-7:2022?

BS EN 12697-7:2022 is a technical standard that specifies the performance requirements and testing methods for the bituminous mixtures used in road construction. It sets out the parameters and criteria to ensure the durability, quality, and performance of such mixtures.

Composition of Bituminous Mixtures

The composition of bituminous mixtures plays a crucial role in their performance and longevity. According to BS EN 12697-7:2022, these mixtures typically consist of aggregates, bitumen, and additives. The aggregates provide mechanical strength, while the bitumen acts as the binder that holds the mixture together. Additives are used to enhance specific properties of the mixtures, such as resistance to cracking or improved flexibility.

Testing Methods and Performance Criteria

BS EN 12697-7:2022 outlines various testing methods to assess the properties and performance of bituminous mixtures. These tests include determining the composition of aggregates, measuring the binder content and grading, evaluating the compactability and workability, assessing the resistance to deformation and cracking, and analyzing the long-term durability under different environmental conditions.

The standard also sets performance criteria that the bituminous mixtures must meet. These criteria include parameters like stability, stiffness, fatigue resistance, water sensitivity, and resistance to aging and rutting. Meeting these criteria ensures that the mixtures can withstand the load and climate conditions encountered on roads.

Importance of BS EN 12697-7:2022

BS EN 12697-7:2022 is essential for the road construction industry, as it provides a unified standard for designing and producing bituminous mixtures. Adhering to this standard ensures that the materials used in road construction meet the required quality and performance levels.

The use of standardized testing methods and performance criteria allows for consistent evaluation of bituminous mixtures, enabling accurate comparisons between different mixtures and ensuring the best choices are made for specific road projects.


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