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What is BS EN 12645:2012

In the field of technical standards, BS EN 12645:2012 is a significant document that outlines requirements and recommendations for professional writing. This standard focuses on various aspects of technical writing, including structure, language clarity, and content organization. By adhering to the guidelines set forth in BS EN 12645:2012, professionals can ensure their technical articles are written in a professional and effective manner.

Importance of BS EN 12645:2012

Adopting the principles of BS EN 12645:2012 is essential for several reasons. First, it facilitates clear communication between technical experts and their audience. The standard emphasizes the use of concise language, comprehensive explanations, and logical transitions. By following these guidelines, writers can avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding.

Moreover, BS EN 12645:2012 improves the overall structure of technical articles. It provides guidance on the organization of sections, ensuring information is presented in a coherent and logical manner. Proper formatting and consistent citation methods are also covered under this standard, which enhances the readability and professionalism of the articles.

Effective Implementation of BS EN 12645:2012

To effectively implement BS EN 12645:2012, technical writers should begin by familiarizing themselves with the content and requirements of the standard. They should focus on understanding the recommended best practices outlined in the document, such as using clear headings and subheadings, avoiding jargon and excessive technical terms, and providing suitable illustrations or examples to clarify complex concepts.

Furthermore, employing skilled proofreaders and editors who are knowledgeable about BS EN 12645:2012 can significantly enhance the quality of technical articles. These professionals can review the text for adherence to the standard, checking for grammar and spelling errors as well as ensuring the content meets the requirements for clarity, coherence, and conciseness.


Overall, BS EN 12645:2012 is a vital technical standard that provides guidelines for professional writing. By following its recommendations, technical writers can create articles that are easily understood, well-structured, and consistent in formatting and citation. Implementing BS EN 12645:2012 ensures effective communication and enhances the credibility of the technical content. Thus, all professionals in the field should familiarize themselves with this standard in order to produce high-quality technical articles.



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