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What is BS EN 13139:2013?

BS EN 13139:2013 is a professional technical standard that outlines the requirements for various types of portable ladders. The standard applies to both fixed and adjustable ladders, including stepladders and extension ladders.

Importance of BS EN 13139:2013

BS EN 13139:2013 ensures that portable ladders meet specific safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Adhering to this standard is crucial for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of portable ladders to ensure safe usage in both professional and domestic settings.

Main Requirements of BS EN 13139:2013

The standard covers several key aspects related to the manufacture and use of portable ladders:

Design and Construction: Ladders must be designed and constructed in a way that ensures stability, strength, and durability. They should also have appropriate non-slip features and handholds for enhanced safety.

Load-Bearing Capacity: Ladders must be tested for their load-bearing capacity, ensuring that they can withstand the maximum intended load without failure.

Dimensions and Specifications: The standard specifies the minimum dimensions, sizes, and specifications for different types of ladders to ensure proper functionality and usability.

Markings and Labels: Portable ladders should be clearly labeled with important information, such as load capacity, maximum standing height, and manufacturer details.

Safety Instructions: Manufacturers are required to provide clear and concise instructions on ladder installation, proper usage, and maintenance.

Compliance and Certification

Complying with BS EN 13139:2013 is essential for manufacturers to demonstrate that their products meet safety standards. By obtaining certification, manufacturers can assure customers that their ladders are safe and reliable.

In conclusion, BS EN 13139:2013 is a significant technical standard for portable ladders, setting requirements for their design, construction, and use. Adhering to this standard ensures the safety of ladder users and reduces the risk of accidents. It is important for manufacturers, suppliers, and users to be aware of and comply with BS EN 13139:2013 to ensure the highest levels of ladder safety.


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