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What is BS EN 15216-2:2010?

BS EN 15216-2:2010 is a professional technical standard that provides guidelines and requirements for the validation and verification of microbiological methods used in food laboratories. This standard is specifically applicable to the analysis of food products, ingredients, and environmental samples to ensure their safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Benefits of BS EN 15216-2:2010

The implementation of BS EN 15216-2:2010 brings several benefits to food laboratories and the overall food industry:

Standardization: The standard provides a uniform framework for validating and verifying microbiological methods, ensuring consistent and reliable results across different laboratories.

Quality Assurance: By following the guidelines of BS EN 15216-2:2010, food laboratories can enhance their quality control procedures, minimizing the risk of erroneous or misleading test outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with this standard helps food businesses meet the legal requirements set by relevant authorities regarding food safety and microbiological analysis.

Customer Confidence: Implementing BS EN 15216-2:2010 demonstrates a commitment to producing safe and high-quality food products, thereby increasing consumer trust and satisfaction.

Guidelines for Implementation

The successful implementation of BS EN 15216-2:2010 requires adherence to specific guidelines:

Validation of Methods: Food laboratories should validate their chosen microbiological methods for ensuring accuracy, precision, detection limits, and specificity.

Verification of Performance: Verification studies should be conducted to confirm that the selected methods perform as expected for routine testing.

Quality Control Measures: Laboratories must establish and maintain appropriate quality control measures to ensure the reliability and consistency of their results.

Documentation: It is crucial to maintain detailed records of all validation, verification, and quality control activities to demonstrate compliance with BS EN 15216-2:2010.


BS EN 15216-2:2010 plays a significant role in ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and comparability of microbiological methods used in food laboratories. By adopting this standard, labs can improve their overall quality control procedures, comply with regulatory requirements, and enhance consumer confidence in food safety. Thus, implementing BS EN 15216-2:2010 is essential for maintaining high standards in the food industry.


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