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What is BIS and why is it required for button cell?

BIS, which stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, is a national standards body in India that follows international standards to ensure product quality, safety, and reliability. In this article, we will delve into the significance of BIS certification for button cells.

Understanding Button Cells

Button cells, also known as coin cells, are small, round batteries commonly used in various devices such as watches, calculators, and remotes. These batteries are designed to provide a steady and reliable source of power over an extended period. To meet their purpose effectively, button cells need to adhere to certain quality standards.

The Importance of BIS Certification

BIS certification is mandatory for button cells in India due to its numerous benefits. Firstly, it ensures that the button cells meet specific quality benchmarks set by BIS. This helps to establish consumer trust as they can be confident about the safety and performance of the battery.

Secondly, BIS certification aids in preventing the sale and usage of substandard or counterfeit button cells. The certification process involves thorough testing and inspection to confirm compliance with technical specifications. Counterfeit batteries often fail to meet these requirements, making them potentially hazardous.

The Process of BIS Certification for Button Cells

The BIS certification process for button cells involves several stages. Manufacturers first need to submit a sample batch of their button cells for testing at a recognized BIS-approved laboratory. The samples are evaluated for various parameters such as capacity, voltage, discharge rate, and leakage. If the samples pass the tests, the manufacturer can proceed with obtaining the BIS certification.

After successful testing, the manufacturer needs to apply for the BIS license. Once the application is processed and approved, the button cells can display the BIS certification mark. This mark indicates that the batteries meet the required standards, boosting consumer confidence and facilitating their marketability.

The BIS certification for button cells is not only beneficial for consumers but also for manufacturers. It helps ensure a level playing field by establishing uniform standards for all players in the industry. Additionally, it acts as a quality control mechanism, encouraging manufacturers to produce reliable and safe button cells.



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