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What are the different types of CEE connectors?

CEE connectors, also known as IEC 60309 connectors, are widely used in Europe and many other parts of the world for industrial and commercial electrical applications. These connectors provide a safe and reliable way to connect electrical equipment to power sources.

1. CEE/IEC 60309-1 Connectors

The CEE/IEC 60309-1 connectors are designed for low-voltage applications up to 500 Volts. They come in different current ratings, ranging from 16 Amps to 125 Amps. The connectors feature round pins and are color-coded for easy identification. The voltage rating and frequency compatibility of these connectors make them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

2. CEE/IEC 60309-2 Connectors

The CEE/IEC 60309-2 connectors are specifically designed for high-voltage applications up to 17.5 kV. These connectors are commonly used in heavy-duty industrial environments where high-power equipment is required. The connectors have a robust design with larger pin sizes and enhanced safety features to handle high voltages.

3. CEE/IEC 60309-4 Connectors

The CEE/IEC 60309-4 connectors are specialized connectors that are mainly used for portable electrical equipment in construction sites and events. They are designed to provide a safe and reliable power supply in temporary installations. These connectors are compact, lightweight, and have built-in protection against accidental disconnections. They are available in various current ratings to suit different electrical loads.

4. CEE/IEC 60309-6 Connectors

The CEE/IEC 60309-6 connectors, also called trailing cable connectors, are designed for mobile electrical equipment such as portable generators and machinery. These connectors have a unique design that allows flexible cables to be connected and disconnected easily. They provide a secure connection even in demanding environments and are resistant to water, dust, and mechanical stress.

Overall, CEE connectors offer a diverse range of options to meet the specific requirements of different electrical applications. Whether it's low-voltage or high-voltage, permanent or temporary installations, there is a CEE connector available to ensure safe and efficient power connectivity.



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