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What is BS EN 166:2020?

BS EN 166:2020 is a technical standard that sets the requirements for personal eye protection in various work environments. It specifies the optical, mechanical, and other essential characteristics that protective eyewear should meet to ensure safety and performance. This standard applies to both prescription and non-prescription eyewear used in industrial, construction, laboratory, and other settings where eye hazards are present.

Optical Requirements

One key aspect of BS EN 166:2020 is the optical requirements. Eyewear must provide appropriate visual acuity and clarity to allow users to perform their tasks without compromising safety. The standard outlines factors such as refractive power, prismatic deviation, and prism stability, ensuring that protective eyewear does not cause visual distortion or discomfort.

Mechanical Requirements

The mechanical requirements specified in BS EN 166:2020 address the physical durability and impact resistance of protective eyewear. Eyewear must be able to withstand various types of potential hazards, such as the impact from flying particles or objects, liquid splashes, or high-speed particle projections. These requirements ensure that the eyewear offers sufficient protection to the wearer's eyes.

Other Essential Characteristics

Beyond optic and mechanical requirements, BS EN 166:2020 also covers additional essential characteristics. These include compatibility with other personal protective equipment, such as helmets or respiratory masks, along with provisions for anti-fog properties, surface quality, and resistance to ignition. These requirements guarantee that protective eyewear meets comprehensive safety standards and can effectively function in diverse working conditions.

If your work involves risks to your eyes, it is crucial to choose eyewear that complies with the BS EN 166:2020 standard. Ensure that the product you select bears the relevant markings and labels, indicating its compliance with this technical standard. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that your eyes are adequately protected against occupational hazards.



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