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What is an EN number?

An EN number, also known as an European Number or European Article Number, is a unique identification code assigned to products for the purpose of universal identification and tracking. This alphanumeric code contains valuable information about the product and its manufacturer.

The structure of an EN number

EN numbers are typically composed of three main parts: the country code, the manufacturer code, and the item reference. The country code represents the country where the manufacturer is registered. The manufacturer code is a unique identifier assigned to each manufacturer. Lastly, the item reference identifies the specific product or variant.

The benefits of using EN numbers

EN numbers offer several advantages in various industries:

1. Universal identification: EN numbers provide a standard way to identify products globally, facilitating data exchange and supply chain management.

2. Efficient inventory management: With EN numbers, businesses can accurately track the movement of goods, maintain optimal stock levels, and avoid overstocking or stockouts.

3. Counterfeit prevention: EN numbers help authenticate products and trace their origin, reducing the risk of counterfeits entering the market and protecting consumers.

EN numbers in practice

EN numbers are widely used in industries such as retail, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing. In retail, for example, EN numbers are used on product labels and packaging to streamline checkout processes and track inventory. In healthcare, EN numbers are utilized to ensure accurate medication dispensing, reduce errors, and enable efficient recalls.

In the logistics sector, EN numbers play a crucial role in tracking the movement of goods, optimizing transportation routes, and improving delivery accuracy. Manufacturers benefit from EN numbers by gaining visibility into their supply chains, enhancing product traceability, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Overall, EN numbers are an essential tool for standardized product identification and tracking. They enable seamless communication and coordination across industries, benefiting manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike.


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