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What is BS EN 12600 glass?


BS EN 12600 is a European standard that defines the impact performance requirements for glass used in buildings. It tests the glass's resistance to impact and penetration, ensuring its safety and reliability in various applications.

The Purpose of BS EN 12600

The purpose of BS EN 12600 is to provide a uniform method for testing the impact resistance of glass. It helps architects, builders, and manufacturers determine the appropriate type and thickness of glass to use in different areas of a building, such as windows, doors, or facades. By adhering to this standard, they can ensure the glass meets the required safety levels and protect the occupants from potential hazards.

Testing Procedure

In order to comply with BS EN 12600, glass must undergo rigorous testing. The test involves dropping a steel ball of specified diameter and weight onto the glass surface from a specific height. The glass is then evaluated based on the level of impact it can withstand without breaking or penetrating. Various performance classes are defined in the standard, ranging from 1 to 6, with Class 1 being the weakest and Class 6 being the highest level of impact resistance.

Benefits and Applications

Glass that meets the requirements of BS EN 12600 offers several benefits. It ensures the safety of building occupants by providing protection against accidental impacts, such as impacts caused by human contact or severe weather conditions. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of injuries and property damage. This type of glass is commonly used in high-risk areas, including public buildings, sports facilities, and places prone to strong winds or vandalism.

Additionally, BS EN 12600 glass can also improve energy efficiency and reduce noise transmission when combined with other types of glass. It allows natural light to enter the building while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. This makes it an excellent choice for architectural designs that prioritize sustainability and occupant well-being.


BS EN 12600 is a vital standard in the construction industry as it ensures the safety and durability of glass used in buildings. By following this standard, architects and builders can select the right type and thickness of glass, depending on the intended application and level of impact resistance required. Whether it's protecting against accidental impacts or enhancing energy efficiency, BS EN 12600 glass plays a crucial role in creating safe and sustainable building environments.



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