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Is ANSI under ISO?

In the world of technology and standardization, there are various coding schemes that allow computers and devices to communicate with each other effectively. Two of the most commonly used coding schemes are ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization). In this article, we will explore the relationship between these two standards and determine whether ANSI is under ISO or not.

The Difference Between ANSI and ISO

Before determining whether ANSI is under ISO or not, it's important to understand the difference between these two standards. ANSI is a private organization based in the United States that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for various industries. On the other hand, ISO is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from national standards organizations. ISO develops and publishes international standards that are adopted by countries worldwide.

While both ANSI and ISO work towards establishing technical standards, they operate independently and have different scopes of influence. ANSI focuses on standards within the United States, while ISO works on global standards. Therefore, ANSI standards may be incorporated into ISO standards, but ISO does not necessarily govern ANSI.

ANSI and ISO Collaboration

Despite their separate operations, collaboration between ANSI and ISO does occur. ANSI serves as the United States' national body for ISO, facilitating the adoption of international standards within the country. ANSI represents American interests in ISO and contributes to the development of ISO standards through the participation of its members in various technical committees and working groups.

Additionally, ANSI plays a vital role in accrediting organizations and individuals involved in conformity assessment activities. Their accreditation programs ensure that laboratories, certification bodies, and other entities meet specific criteria regarding competence and impartiality.


So, is ANSI under ISO? The answer is no. While there is collaboration between these two standards organizations, ANSI and ISO operate independently and have distinct roles. ANSI focuses on standards within the United States, while ISO works on global standards. However, ANSI does contribute to the development of ISO standards through its representation of American interests in international standardization activities.

Understanding the relationship between ANSI and ISO allows us to appreciate the importance of technical standards in facilitating seamless communication and compatibility in our technologically interconnected world.



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