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What is IEC60598-2-3 2002 ?

IEC 60512-2012 is an international standard that provides guidelines for professional technical writing. It aims to improve the readability, organization, and overall quality of technical articles. The standard covers a wide range of topics, including the principles of effective writing, the use of technical terminology, and the importance of peer review.

One of the key objectives of IEC 60512-2012 is to promote clarity and understanding in technical writing. It encourages writers to use simple and concise language and to avoid using jargon or technical terms that may be difficult for readers to understand. Additionally, the standard emphasizes the importance of providing context and background information for technical concepts, to help readers better understand the subject matter.

Another key aspect of IEC 60512-2012 is the use of technical writing styles. The standard provides guidelines for the use of different types of writing styles, such as problem reports, technical specifications, and user manuals. It also encourages writers to use a consistent style throughout their articles and to avoid using different styles for different parts of the article.

In conclusion, IEC 60512-2012 is an essential standard for professional technical writing. By following the guidelines provided in this standard, technical writers can produce high-quality articles that are clear, concise, and effective in communicating technical information to readers.



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