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What is BS EN 12999-2015

BS EN 12999-2015 is a technical standard that sets out the requirements for portable ladder systems, including adjustable ladders and step stools. This standard is applicable to both professional and domestic use, ensuring the safety and functionality of such equipment.

Scope and Application

The scope of BS EN 12999-2015 extends to various types of portable ladders, including single-section ladders, multipurpose ladders, combination ladders, and telescopic ladders. It also covers adjustable ladders with articulated joints, folding platforms, and mobile scaffolds. These regulations are not limited to any specific material or design.

Requirements and Testing Methods

BS EN 12999-2015 specifies the requirements that ladder systems must meet to ensure safety, durability, and usability. Some of the key aspects covered by this standard include load-bearing capacity, stability, slip resistance, and dimensions. The standard also provides testing methods to assess compliance with these requirements, including static load tests and fatigue tests.

Moreover, the standard addresses labeling and marking requirements to provide users with important information regarding safe usage and storage. For instance, it requires clear identification of maximum load capacities and instructions on maintaining and inspecting the ladder system regularly.

Benefits and Importance

BS EN 12999-2015 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of individuals who work with or use ladder systems. By adhering to the standard's requirements, manufacturers can produce reliable and robust products that minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Users can have confidence in the functionality and stability of ladder systems that comply with this standard.

Compliance with BS EN 12999-2015 is not only beneficial for users but also for companies. By implementing this standard, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to safety and enhance their reputation. It can also help them avoid legal issues and liability claims resulting from non-compliance or accidents caused by faulty ladder systems.


BS EN 12999-2015 is an essential technical standard that sets out the requirements for portable ladder systems. Its scope covers various types of ladders and specifies important safety, durability, and usability criteria. Compliance with this standard ensures the production of reliable products that minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Users and businesses alike can benefit from adhering to BS EN 12999-2015, enhancing safety and reputation in the process.


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