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What is AS 61000-6-4:2020?

AS 61000-6-4:2020 is a technical document that provides guidelines and requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic equipment. It specifies the emission and immunity levels that equipment should meet to ensure proper operation in various environments.

Emission Limits

The document defines emission limits for different types of equipment, such as information technology equipment, audio and video equipment, and household appliances. These limits are important to prevent interference with other equipment or systems. The emission levels are categorized into different classes based on the intended environment of use.

For example, Class A equipment is meant for industrial environments, while Class B equipment is suitable for residential or office settings. By complying with these emission limits, manufacturers can ensure that their products do not cause harmful interference and function properly alongside other devices.

Immunity Requirements

In addition to emission limits, AS 61000-6-4:2020 also outlines immunity requirements for equipment. These requirements specify the level of immunity that equipment should possess to withstand external electromagnetic disturbances without suffering degradation in performance.

The document defines various immunity tests that equipment must undergo, including electrostatic discharge, radiated electromagnetic fields, electrical fast transients/bursts, and more. By testing equipment under these conditions, manufacturers can identify any vulnerabilities and take measures to enhance the equipment's resilience to electromagnetic disturbances.

Compliance and Certification

AS 61000-6-4:2020 serves as a guideline for manufacturers, enabling them to design and produce equipment that meets EMC requirements. Compliance with this standard ensures that equipment is compatible with the electromagnetic environment in which it operates.

Manufacturers can obtain certification to demonstrate compliance with AS 61000-6-4:2020 by conducting tests in accredited laboratories. Compliance not only ensures a product's technical performance but also contributes to the overall safety and reliability of electrical and electronic systems.


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