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What is ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016?

ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016 is a technical standard for luminaires - Particular requirements - Recessed luminaires. The standard provides guidelines and specifications for recessed luminaires, ensuring their safety, performance, and quality.

Relevance of ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016

This standard plays a crucial role in the lighting industry as it sets the benchmark for manufacturers, designers, and installers to ensure compliance with safety regulations. By adhering to ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016, stakeholders can guarantee that recessed luminaires meet the necessary criteria.

Main Requirements of ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016

1. Thermal Management: The standard outlines specific thermal requirements for recessed luminaires to prevent overheating and minimize the risk of fire hazards.

2. Electrical Safety: ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016 mandates compliance with electrical safety regulations, including insulation requirements, grounding, and protection against electric shock.

3. Mechanical Strength: The standard specifies mechanical strength and stability requirements, ensuring that the luminaires are durable and able to withstand environmental stresses.

4. Photobiological Safety: It addresses potential risks associated with LED and other light sources, providing guidelines to protect users from harmful radiation, such as ultraviolet and infrared emissions.

5. Markings and Instructions: ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016 requires clear markings on luminaires to indicate important information such as power ratings, installation instructions, and safety symbols.

Benefits of Complying with ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016

1. Safety Assurance: By following the standard, manufacturers guarantee that their recessed luminaires meet safety requirements and minimize potential hazards.

2. Quality Assurance: Complying with the standard ensures that the products are built to withstand everyday use, providing consumers with reliable and long-lasting luminaires.

3. Compliance with Regulations: Meeting the standards' specifications enables manufacturers and installers to adhere to local and international regulations, enhancing market acceptance and facilitating trade.

4. Consumer Confidence: Consumers can trust luminaires compliant with ASNZS 60598.2.2:2016, knowing that they have undergone rigorous testing and meet the necessary safety and performance criteria.



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