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What is EN ISO 30107-5:2018 ?

Presentation attack detection is a crucial aspect of ensuring the integrity of biometric systems. EN ISO 30107-5:2018 is an international standard that provides standardized procedures and metrics for evaluating the performance of presentation attack detection techniques.

The standard sets out guidelines for writing professional technical articles, ensuring clarity and accuracy in technical communication. It establishes best practices for organizing information, using appropriate language and terminology, and presenting data and illustrations. By following the guidelines set out in EN ISO 30125:2018, writers can improve the readability of their technical articles and make them more accessible to a wider audience.

The significance of EN ISO 30107-5:2018 cannot be overstated. It provides a consistent methodology for testing and reporting the performance of different presentation attack detection systems, enabling fair comparison and benchmarking of different solutions. This, in turn, drives innovation and improvement in the development of robust and reliable anti-spoofing solutions.

In conclusion, EN ISO 30107-5:2018 is an essential standard for anyone who needs to write about technical topics. By following the guidelines set out in this standard, writers can ensure the accuracy and integrity of their articles, making them more reliable and accessible to a wider audience.


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