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In the field of civil engineering and construction, AS2870 refers to the Australian Standard for Residential Slabs and Footings. This standard provides guidelines and specifications for the design and construction of residential slabs and footings, ensuring their quality, safety, and durability.

The Purpose of AS2870

The primary purpose of AS2870 is to establish minimum requirements and criteria for designing and constructing residential slabs and footings. These requirements aim to ensure that buildings have a solid foundation, which is fundamental to their structural integrity and overall stability.

AS2870 takes into account various factors, including the type of soil, site classification, and loads that will be imposed on the building. By adhering to this standard, engineers and builders can mitigate potential issues arising from soil movement, such as cracks in walls or uneven floors.

The Key Components of AS2870

AS2870 encompasses several key components that need to be considered when designing and constructing residential slabs and footings:

1. Site Classification: This involves determining the type of soil present at the construction site and classifying it accordingly. Soil types can range from stable and well-drained soils to highly reactive and expansive soils, which may require additional precautions.

2. Design Requirements: AS2870 provides specifications for the design of slabs and footings, taking into account factors such as the expected loads, soil conditions, and geographic location. The standard includes calculations and formulas to determine the appropriate dimensions and reinforcement required.

3. Construction Guidelines: AS2870 also stipulates construction guidelines that ensure proper installation of slabs and footings. This includes excavation methods, concrete pouring, reinforcement placement, and slab curing techniques. Following these guidelines promotes consistency and adherence to quality standards.


AS2870 plays a vital role in the construction industry, providing essential guidelines for the design and construction of residential slabs and footings. By adhering to this standard, engineers and builders can ensure the structural integrity and durability of buildings, while minimizing the risk of structural issues caused by soil movement.

Understanding AS2870 and its key components is crucial for professionals involved in residential construction, as it ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices.



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