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What is ASNZS 60598-2-2016?


The AS/NZS 60598-2-2016 is a technical standard used in Australia and New Zealand for luminaires - specifically, the testing and performance requirements of general purpose and portable luminaires. The standard was developed to ensure the safety and reliability of these lighting products and to provide guidelines for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

Main Specifications

This technical standard sets forth various specifications that luminaires must meet to comply with safety regulations. These specifications include electrical safety requirements, mechanical strength, resistance to heat and fire, protection against electric shock, ingress protection, and more. Each requirement is carefully defined and tested to ensure compliance.

Testing Processes and Procedures

Manufacturers are responsible for testing their luminaires according to the procedures outlined in the AS/NZS 60598-2-2016 standard. These tests may involve subjecting the luminaires to high temperatures, vibration, impact resistance, insulation resistance, and other relevant factors. By undergoing these rigorous tests, manufacturers can guarantee the durability and functionality of their products.

Benefits and Implications

The implementation of the AS/NZS 60598-2-2016 standard brings several benefits and implications. Firstly, it helps to enhance the safety of luminaires used in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. Consumers can have confidence in the products they purchase, knowing that they adhere to strict safety standards. Additionally, this standard encourages continuous improvement in the lighting industry, promoting innovation and efficiency.

In conclusion, the AS/NZS 60598-2-2016 is an essential technical standard for luminaires used in Australia and New Zealand. It ensures the safety and reliability of these lighting products and provides guidelines for manufacturers and retailers. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can gain trust from consumers, while consumers can have peace of mind using quality lighting products.



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