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What is BS EN 13650:2012?

BS EN 13650:2012 is a technical standard that specifies the requirements and testing methods for safety and performance of electrically operated medical beds. This standard is applicable to all types of electrically operated medical beds, including hospital beds, home care beds, and other specialized beds used in healthcare facilities.

Overview of BS EN 13650:2012

The BS EN 13650:2012 standard covers various aspects of electrically operated medical beds, ensuring that they meet certain quality and safety criteria. These criteria include stability, strength, durability, electrical safety, bio-compatibility, ergonomics, and functional performance. The standard aims to provide a framework for manufacturers to develop safe and reliable medical beds for patient care.

Testing Methods

To comply with BS EN 13650:2012, electrically operated medical beds must undergo rigorous testing. These tests evaluate different parameters such as stability under normal use, maximum load-bearing capacity, susceptibility to component failure, electrical insulation, and protection against electrical hazards. The tests also assess factors like noise levels, bed height adjustments, locking mechanisms, and ease of use for both patients and healthcare providers.

Beds that meet the requirements of BS EN 13650:2012 will be granted certification, indicating their compliance with the standard and ensuring their suitability for use in medical settings.

Benefits and Impact

The implementation of BS EN 13650:2012 has several benefits for healthcare institutions, patients, and manufacturers. Firstly, the standard ensures that medical beds meet certain safety and performance standards, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries to patients. It also ensures that beds are designed with the comfort and convenience of patients and caregivers in mind, allowing for improved quality of care.

For manufacturers, compliance with this standard provides a competitive advantage by demonstrating their commitment to producing high-quality and safe products. Adhering to the requirements of BS EN 13650:2012 also minimizes the chances of product recalls or legal issues related to non-compliance.

In conclusion, BS EN 13650:2012 is an essential technical standard that ensures the safety, performance, and reliability of electrically operated medical beds. Its implementation leads to enhanced patient experiences, improved healthcare outcomes, and increased confidence in the market for medical bed manufacturers.


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