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What is a UL Certification Number?

A UL certification number refers to a unique identification code assigned by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which is a globally recognized safety consulting and certification company. This number is used to track and verify the compliance of various products with specific safety standards.

The Importance of UL Certification

UL certification is crucial for both manufacturers and consumers. It ensures that products meet the required safety standards, reducing the risk of electrical hazards, fires, and other potential dangers. The UL certification mark indicates that the product has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation processes conducted by UL experts.

Understanding the UL Certification Number Structure

A UL certification number consists of alphanumeric characters that provide detailed information about the certified product. Let's break down the structure of a typical UL certification number:

1. Company Code: The first few characters represent the manufacturer's identification code assigned by UL.

2. Product Category Code: Following the company code are a series of numbers and letters indicating the product category.

3. Check Digit: This digit ensures the accuracy of the certification number and allows for quick verification.

4. Issue Number: This signifies different versions or revisions of the product.

Locating the UL Certification Number

The UL certification number can typically be found on the product label, packaging, or in the user manual. It may also be displayed on the UL certification mark itself. Consumers should always look for this number when purchasing electrical or electronic products to ensure their safety and quality.

In conclusion, a UL certification number is a unique identifier assigned by Underwriters Laboratories to indicate that a product has met specific safety standards. It plays a crucial role in ensuring consumer safety and allows for easy tracking and verification of certified products. Always remember to check for the UL certification number when purchasing electrical or electronic items to ensure their compliance with safety regulations.



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