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What is BS EN 12871:2013?

The BS EN 12871:2013 is a technical standard that defines the requirements and specifications for certain aspects related to safety in the design, construction, and operation of machinery. It covers a wide range of industries and provides guidelines for manufacturers and users to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Scope and Application

The standard applies to various categories of machines, including mobile machinery, stationary machinery, and self-propelled machinery. It also encompasses machinery parts, equipment, and tools that are used in industrial, agricultural, and domestic sectors. The scope of BS EN 12871:2013 specifically focuses on issues related to the prevention of hazards associated with the use of machinery.

Key Requirements of BS EN 12871:2013

BS EN 12871:2013 lays down essential safety principles and requirements that manufacturers should follow during the design and construction process. These include factors such as:

Safe Access: Ensuring that the machinery allows safe access for operators and maintenance personnel.

Control Systems: Implementing appropriate control measures to prevent unintended machine movements.

Guarding and Protective Devices: Installing effective guards and protective devices to minimize the risk of injury or contact with hazardous components.

Noise Reduction: Implementing measures to reduce noise levels generated by machinery to protect workers' health and well-being.

Maintenance and Testing: Defining procedures for regular maintenance, inspection, and testing to ensure the continued safety and performance of machinery.

Benefits of Compliance with BS EN 12871:2013

Adhering to the requirements of BS EN 12871:2013 not only ensures a safer working environment but also brings several benefits:

Enhanced Operator Safety: Compliance with the standard reduces the risk of accidents and injuries for machinery operators, leading to improved workplace safety.

Legal Compliance: Meeting the requirements of BS EN 12871:2013 ensures compliance with relevant legal regulations and may help prevent potential penalties or legal issues.

Product Reliability: Following the standard's guidelines during the design and construction process can enhance the reliability and longevity of machinery.

Customer Confidence: Manufacturers who comply with the standard demonstrate their commitment to ensuring customer safety, thus building trust and confidence in their products.

International Recognition: BS EN 12871:2013 is an internationally recognized standard, which means its compliance can facilitate trade and open up global market opportunities.

In conclusion, BS EN 12871:2013 sets out important safety requirements for machinery and aims to ensure a high level of safety for both operators and users. Compliance with this standard not only helps protect individuals from potential hazards but also provides various business benefits. By adhering to these guidelines, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance.



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