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What is IEC 60317?

IEC 60317 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the specifications and test methods of enamelled electric wires. Enamelled wires, also known as magnet wires or winding wires, are widely used in various electrical devices and systems. They are typically made by coating a conductive metal, such as copper or aluminum, with a thin layer of insulation material.

Importance of IEC 60317

The IEC 60317 standard plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and reliability of enamelled electric wires used in electrical equipment. It sets forth specific requirements for dimensions, mechanical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, and chemical properties of these wires. Adhering to this standard helps manufacturers produce wires that meet the desired performance and safety criteria.

Failing to comply with the standard may result in various issues, such as poor electrical conductivity, inadequate insulation, reduced thermal resistance, and compromised mechanical strength. These issues can lead to malfunctions, overheating, short circuits, and even fires, posing significant risks to both individuals and property.

Benefits of Using Wires Compliant with IEC 60317

1. Enhanced Performance: Enamelled wires manufactured according to the IEC 60317 standard offer improved electrical conductivity and insulation properties. This ensures efficient power transmission and minimizes energy loss.

2. Reliability and Safety: By following the specified mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, wires produced under this standard exhibit enhanced durability and can withstand a wide range of operating conditions. This promotes overall system reliability while reducing the risk of premature failures or accidents.

3. Interchangeability: Standardized wire specifications facilitate interchangeability among different manufacturers, allowing for easier maintenance and replacement of wire components in various electrical devices.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to the IEC 60317 standard ensures compliance with international regulations and industry standards, which is crucial for manufacturers operating in global markets.


The IEC 60317 standard provides comprehensive guidelines for the production and testing of enamelled electric wires. Following this standard not only helps manufacturers produce wires that meet quality and safety requirements but also offers benefits like enhanced performance, reliability, interchangeability, and regulatory compliance. As the demand for reliable and efficient electrical systems continues to grow, compliance with such standards becomes increasingly important in ensuring the overall functioning and safety of various electrical devices and equipment.


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