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What is EN ISO 27165-2:2017?

EN ISO 27165-2:2017 is a technical standard that provides guidance for the characterization of particulate contamination on surfaces of electronic assemblies. This standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic devices, especially in industries where cleanliness is essential, such as automotive and aerospace.

The Importance of EN ISO 27165-2:2017

The presence of particulate contamination on electronic assemblies can lead to various issues, including electrical shorts, corrosion, and degraded performance. EN ISO 27165-2:2017 aims to mitigate these risks by establishing a common framework for assessing and measuring particle contamination on electronic surfaces.

This standard allows manufacturers and assemblers to set acceptable limits for particle sizes and quantities based on their specific requirements. By complying with these limits, companies can ensure the quality and reliability of their products, thus minimizing failures and customer complaints.

The Key Elements of EN ISO 27165-2:2017

EN ISO 27165-2:2017 defines several key elements for characterizing particulate contamination:

Sampling Methods: The standard provides guidelines for sampling methods to collect particles from electronic surfaces. These methods may include adhesive tape or swab sampling, vacuum or blow air sampling, and solvent extraction.

Particle Counting: EN ISO 27165-2:2017 establishes procedures for counting and classifying particles based on their size ranges. This allows manufacturers to monitor and control the level of contamination throughout the production process.

Reporting and Documentation: The standard emphasizes the importance of proper reporting and documentation of particle contamination data. Clear and accurate records enable traceability and facilitate effective analysis and improvement activities.


EN ISO 27165-2:2017 is a vital standard for industries that rely on electronic assemblies. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in this standard, companies can ensure the quality and reliability of their products while meeting customer expectations. Through standardized sampling methods, particle counting procedures, and effective reporting, EN ISO 27165-2:2017 provides a framework that enhances the cleanliness and performance of electronic devices.


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