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What is EN ISO 11600:2019

EN ISO 11600:2019 is an international standard that provides technical specifications for the classification and performance requirements of sealants used in building construction. The standard defines various parameters related to sealants, including their physical properties, chemical composition, and durability.

Classification of Sealants

The standard classifies sealants into different grades based on their intended application and performance. There are two main classes of sealants defined: Class F for jointing materials and Class G for glazing materials. Each class is further divided into subclasses based on specific properties and requirements.

For example, Class F sealants are categorized into three subclasses: F-EXT, F-INT, and F-BR. F-EXT sealants are designed for exterior use and must have excellent weathering resistance. F-INT sealants are meant for interior use and should possess good resistance to aging and deformation. F-BR sealants are suitable for both interior and exterior applications and must have fire-retardant properties.

Performance Requirements

EN ISO 11600:2019 outlines various performance requirements that sealants must meet. This includes parameters such as adhesion, movement capability, and resistance to water, temperature, and UV exposure. The standard also specifies test methods and acceptance criteria for evaluating these properties.

For example, adhesive strength is determined by conducting a tensile adhesion test, where the force required to break the bond between the sealant and the substrate is measured. Movement capability refers to the ability of the sealant to accommodate joint movement without cracking or failing. Water resistance is evaluated through immersion tests, where sealants are subjected to water exposure for a specified period.


EN ISO 11600:2019 plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and performance of sealants used in building construction. By providing clear classifications and performance requirements, the standard helps architects, engineers, and contractors select suitable sealants for specific applications.

Complying with this standard ensures that the chosen sealants meet desired performance standards, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the building. Furthermore, using standardized sealants enhances compatibility and reduces the risk of failures in sealing joints and glazing systems.


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