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What is UL 513?


UL 513 is a standard that encompasses specifications for electrical wiring devices. It provides guidelines and requirements for designers, manufacturers, and installers to ensure the safety and performance of these devices. In this article, we will explore the importance of UL 513, its key elements, and its impact on the industry.

The Purpose of UL 513

UL 513 was developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to establish safety standards for electrical wiring devices, such as switches, receptacles, and plugs. The primary purpose of this standard is to reduce the risk of electrical hazards, including fire, electric shock, and malfunctioning of devices. By adhering to the requirements of UL 513, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet recognized safety standards, providing reassurance to consumers and enabling easy compliance with local electrical codes and regulations.

Key Elements of UL 513

UL 513 specifies various criteria that electrical wiring devices must meet to be deemed safe. These criteria cover aspects such as insulation resistance, dielectric voltage withstand, temperature rise, durability, mechanical strength, and resistance to external influences like moisture or chemical substances. Additionally, the standard outlines specific test procedures and performance requirements that devices need to pass to meet the necessary safety standards.

Insulation resistance is one crucial element addressed by UL 513. Electrical wiring devices must exhibit adequate insulation to prevent current leakage and minimize the risk of electric shock. The standard defines the minimum insulation resistance required for different types of devices, ensuring they meet safety expectations under various operating conditions.

Impact on the Industry

The presence of UL 513 has significantly influenced the electrical industry. Manufacturers are driven to develop and produce electrical wiring devices that meet UL 513 requirements, ensuring the safety and reliability of their products. Compliance with this standard also facilitates market access, as many retailers and regulatory authorities mandate UL 513 certification for electrical devices. Consumers benefit from the knowledge that devices bearing the UL mark have been rigorously tested and comply with recognized safety standards.

Beyond improving consumer confidence, UL 513 has prompted innovation in electrical device design. Manufacturers constantly seek new ways to improve performance, durability, and safety to meet or exceed the requirements of this standard. This drive for innovation has led to the development of advanced features, such as enhanced insulation materials, improved contact mechanisms, and better protection against environmental factors.


UL 513 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and performance of electrical wiring devices. By following this standard, manufacturers can produce devices that meet recognized safety criteria, providing reassurance to consumers and enabling compliance with local regulations. The impact of UL 513 extends beyond safety, driving innovation within the industry and leading to the development of more reliable and advanced electrical devices. As technology advances, it is essential to stay updated with evolving standards like UL 513 to continue promoting safety and advancing the electrical industry.


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