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What is ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017?

ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 is an international standard that provides a framework for the systems engineering discipline. It offers a set of processes and activities to guide the development, operation, and maintenance of complex systems.

Understanding the Standard

The ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 standard defines systems engineering as a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to creating successful systems. It emphasizes the importance of considering both technical and non-technical aspects throughout the system's life cycle.

The standard organizes systems engineering into different stages, referred to as processes. These processes include system requirements analysis, system design, implementation, validation, and system deployment. Each process has specific objectives and artifacts that need to be produced for effective system development.

ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 also recognizes the importance of stakeholder involvement and communication. It highlights the need for continuous engagement with stakeholders throughout the development process to understand their needs, expectations, and concerns. By doing so, the standard aims to ensure that the developed system aligns with customer requirements and is fit for its intended purpose.

Benefits of Using ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017

Adopting ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 as a guiding framework for systems engineering can provide several benefits. Firstly, it helps improve the quality of systems by establishing a systematic and disciplined approach to development. The standard ensures that all necessary steps and considerations are taken into account, leading to more reliable and efficient systems.

Furthermore, using the standard facilitates better communication and collaboration within the project team and across different stakeholders. By providing a common language and structure, it enhances understanding and promotes effective information exchange. This can help mitigate risks, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure alignment between various project contributors.

ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 also supports the scalability and adaptability of systems engineering processes. It can be tailored to suit the specific needs and complexity of different projects. Whether it is a small-scale system or a large-scale development, the standard's flexibility allows for customization while maintaining consistency in core principles and practices.


ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 provides a comprehensive framework for systems engineering that enables organizations to develop high-quality and successful systems. By following the standardized processes and embracing stakeholder engagement, businesses can streamline their development efforts and improve overall project outcomes.

With its emphasis on collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement, ISO-IEC-IEEE 15288-2017 plays a vital role in promoting systems engineering best practices and ensuring the delivery of reliable and effective systems.


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