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What is ISO 20560:2019 ?

Title: What is ISO 20560:2019? A Comprehensive Guide for Technical Writing


Effective technical writing is crucial in the field of technology. It is the process of communicating complex information in a clear, concise, and organized manner. With the introduction of ISO 20560:2019, the International Organization for Standardization has provided a framework for technical writers to ensure that their work meets the highest standards of quality. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of ISO 20560:2019 and how it can benefit technical writers.

ISO 20534:2018: The Basics of ISO 20534:2018

ISO 20534:2018, also known as "Information and documentation - Approaches to human language for formal verification and formatting," is an essential standard for technical writing. It provides guidelines for effective technical documents, including structure, style, and presentation. The standard offers a unified framework for technical writing, ensuring that writers follow best practices and create consistent, precise, and clear documents.

ISO 20809:2019: The Next Steps

While ISO 20534:2018 offers a solid foundation for technical writing, there is always room for improvement. Enter ISO 20809:2019, a technical standard designed to promote clarity, accuracy, and consistency in writing.ISO 20809:2019 is a comprehensive guide for in-depth technical articles, providing guidelines for writers to create well-structured, adequately researched, and accurate articles.

Key Guidelines of ISO 20809:2019

ISO 20809:2019 is divided into several sections, each of which outlines specific guidelines for technical writing. These guidelines cover the entire process of writing, from the initial concept to the final document.

Clear Objectives

The first step in creating an effective technical article is to establish clear objectives. This involves identifying the purpose and scope of the article, as well as the intended audience. By clearly defining the objectives, writers can ensure that their work is focused and relevant.

Concise Explanations

Technical writing should be concise and to the point. Avoid using unnecessary words or information that may confuse readers. Instead, focus on delivering the essential elements of the article in a clear and concise manner.

Evidence-Based Claims

Articles should provide accurate and reliable information based on evidence. This means using sources that are reliable and relevant to the topic at hand. By providing evidence-based claims, writers can establish the credibility of their work and ensure that readers trust the information provided.

Supporting Data

Supporting data is an essential element of effective technical writing. It provides evidence to support the claims made in the article and helps readers understand the topic more fully. By providing clear and concise supporting data, writers can enhance the readability and credibility of their articles.


References are an essential part of any technical article. They provide readers with access to additional information and resources that can help them understand the topic more fully. By providing a comprehensive list of references at the end of the article, writers can ensure that readers have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions.


ISO 20560:2019 and ISO 20809:2019 are two important standards for technical writing. They provide guidelines for creating well-structured, accurate, and reliable articles that are easy to read and understand. By adhering to these guidelines, writers can enhance the readability and credibility of their articles and deliver the essential information.


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