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What is BS EN ISO 5748-2021


BS EN ISO 5748-2021 is an internationally recognized standard that provides guidelines and specifications for a specific type of tool. In this in-depth technical article, we will explore the key aspects of this standard, its purpose, and its implications in various industries.

Scope and Purpose

The scope of BS EN ISO 5748-2021 focuses on hand-held tools known as pliers and similar gripping tools. This standard outlines the requirements for design, materials, performance, and testing criteria to ensure the quality and functionality of these tools. The primary purpose of this standard is to establish a common benchmark for manufacturers, enabling them to produce safe and efficient products that meet specific industry needs.

Key Specifications

Design and Materials

BS EN ISO 5748-2021 outlines detailed design considerations for pliers and gripping tools. This includes aspects such as ergonomic design, handle grips, and mechanisms for adjusting the opening width. The standard also specifies the materials to be used, ensuring durability, strength, and resistance to wear and corrosion. By adhering to the design and material requirements outlined in the standard, manufacturers can create tools that are comfortable to use, robust, and long-lasting.

Performance and Testing

Another important aspect covered by BS EN ISO 5748-2021 is the performance and testing criteria for pliers and similar gripping tools. The standard defines parameters for various performance characteristics such as cutting capability, gripping force, and insulation properties. It also specifies the testing methods and equipment required to evaluate the performance of these tools accurately. Through strict adherence to these standards during production, manufacturers can ensure that their tools perform optimally and provide reliable results.

Safety Considerations

Safety is a critical factor addressed by BS EN ISO 5748-2021. The standard provides guidelines to minimize potential hazards associated with pliers and gripping tools. This includes recommendations for protecting users from electric shocks, designing guards to prevent injury, and ensuring proper labeling and instructions for safe use. By incorporating these safety measures into their products, manufacturers can enhance user safety and prevent accidents or injuries.


BS EN ISO 5748-2021 plays a vital role in standardizing the design, materials, performance, and safety aspects of pliers and similar gripping tools. Adherence to this standard not only ensures the quality and reliability of such tools but also promotes consistency and interoperability across various industries. Manufacturers who comply with BS EN ISO 5748-2021 are better positioned to deliver products that meet customer expectations while prioritizing user safety. By following this internationally recognized standard, businesses can enhance their reputation, improve customer satisfaction, and contribute to a safer working environment.


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