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What is IEC 62841-39?

IEC 62841-39 is an international standard that defines the safety requirements for battery-powered hand-held tools, transportable tools, and lawn and garden machinery. It provides guidelines to manufacturers on how to design these products to ensure the safety of users.

The Importance of Compliance

Complying with IEC 62841-39 is crucial for manufacturers in the power tool industry. By adhering to this standard, companies can demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and reliable products to consumers. Non-compliance can result in legal repercussions, damage to brand reputation, and most importantly, potential harm to users.

Key Requirements of IEC 62841-39

IEC 62841-39 covers a wide range of safety aspects related to battery-powered hand-held tools, transportable tools, and lawn and garden machinery. Some of the key requirements include:

Protection against electric shock: The standard specifies insulation requirements and clearances to prevent direct contact with live parts.

Battery safety: Guidelines are provided for the safe use and management of lithium-ion and other types of batteries.

Overload protection: Tools should be equipped with mechanisms to prevent excessive current flow and protect against overheating.

Ergonomics: Design considerations are outlined to ensure user-friendly and comfortable handling of the tools.

The Impact on Consumers

Complying with IEC 62841-39 not only benefits manufacturers, but also has a significant impact on consumers. When purchasing power tools or related equipment, it is essential for consumers to look for products that meet this international standard. By doing so, they can have confidence in the quality and safety of the tools they are using, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.


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