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How do I know if my company is AS9100 certified?

If you work in the aerospace industry or are a supplier to aerospace companies, you may have heard of the AS9100 certification. It is a widely recognized Quality Management System standard specifically designed for the aviation, space, and defense industries. Being AS9100 certified demonstrates your commitment to meeting rigorous quality and safety standards. Now, you may wonder how you can determine if your company has this prestigious certification. This article aims to provide you with some valuable insights.

Evaluate the Documentation

The first step to determine if your company is AS9100 certified is to carefully evaluate the documentation available. The AS9100 certification involves a comprehensive audit process that examines various aspects of your organization's Quality Management System. Look for documents such as the certificate itself, audit reports, and any correspondence related to the certification process. These documents should be readily accessible and provide details about the scope and validity of the certification.

Contact Certification Bodies

Another reliable way to confirm the AS9100 certification status of your company is to reach out to the certification bodies involved in the process. Each AS9100 certification is issued by an accredited certification body, which ensures compliance with the internationally recognized standard. Contact the certification body that conducted the audit and request confirmation of your company's certification. They will verify the authenticity of the certification and provide you with relevant information, such as the certification number and expiration date.

Check Accreditation Databases

Accreditation databases are valuable resources that can help you validate the AS9100 certification of your company. Various organizations maintain databases that provide up-to-date information about accredited certification bodies and their certified organizations. Visit websites of accreditation bodies or industry associations dedicated to the aerospace sector and search for your company's name or certification number. If your company is AS9100 certified, it should appear in the database along with the relevant details.

In conclusion, determining if your company is AS9100 certified requires careful evaluation of documentation, contacting certification bodies, and checking accreditation databases. These steps will help you verify the authenticity and validity of the certification. Having an AS9100 certification not only gives your organization a competitive edge but also signifies your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the aerospace industry.



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