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What is EN 60745-1:2003?

EN60745-1:2003 is an international standard that specifies the safety requirements for hand-held motor-operated electric tools. It was developed to ensure the safety of operators and bystanders while using these tools in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Safety Features and Requirements

The standard outlines several safety features and requirements that must be met by manufacturers in order to comply with EN60745-1:2003. These include:

Electrical Safety: The tools should be designed and constructed in a way that protects users from electrical hazards, such as electric shocks or short circuits. This includes insulation of live parts and proper grounding.

Mechanical Safety: The tools must have guards and other protective devices to prevent accidental contact with moving parts and to minimize the risk of injuries caused by cutting, shearing, or crushing actions.

Temperature and Fire Safety: The tools should not overheat during normal operation and should be designed to prevent the ignition of flammable materials. Thermal protection devices are often required to limit the temperature rise.

Laser Safety: If the tool incorporates laser systems, additional requirements for laser safety are specified in the standard. These include limiting laser radiation exposure and providing appropriate warning labels.

Vibration and Noise Safety: Hand-held tools that generate excessive vibration or noise must comply with the established limits to protect users from potential health hazards like hand-arm vibration syndrome or hearing loss.

Testing and Certification

In order for a hand-held motor-operated electric tool to be marketed and sold within the European Union, it must undergo testing and certification according to EN60745-1:2003. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that their tools meet the safety requirements outlined in the standard. This typically involves conducting various tests to assess electrical and mechanical safety, as well as any other relevant requirements.

Once the tool has successfully passed the tests, it can be affixed with the "CE" marking, indicating compliance with European regulations. This marking signifies that the tool meets the essential health and safety requirements set by the European Union.

Importance of Compliance

Complying with EN60745-1:2003 is crucial for both manufacturers and end-users. For manufacturers, it ensures that their products are safe to use and minimizes the risk of liability claims due to accidents or injuries caused by their tools. Additionally, it allows them to enter and compete in the European market, as non-compliant products may be banned from sale.

For end-users, using tools that comply with the standard provides assurance of their safety during operation. It also helps prevent accidents and injuries that may occur when working with non-compliant or poorly designed tools.

In conclusion, EN60745-1:2003 is an important international standard that sets forth safety requirements for hand-held motor-operated electric tools. By complying with this standard, manufacturers can ensure the safety of their tools and gain access to the European market, while end-users can have confidence in the safety of the tools they use.


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