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What is IEC 60268-17:2021?

IEC 60268-17:2021 is an international standard that specifically deals with the measurement and assessment of sound-system performance. It provides guidelines for testing the quality of audio equipment to ensure compatibility and optimal audio reproduction.

Scope of IEC 60268-17:2021

The standard covers various aspects related to sound-system performance evaluation, including the measurement of frequency response, noise, total harmonic distortion, and stability of audio systems. It also defines specific test conditions and methods to be used for accurate and reliable measurement results.

The scope of IEC 60268-17:2021 encompasses all audio systems, ranging from consumer electronics to professional sound reinforcement setups, ensuring consistent and high-quality sound reproduction across different applications.

Main Features and Requirements

IEC 60268-17:2021 puts forth several essential features and requirements that must be met by audio equipment to comply with the standard:

Frequency Response: The standard specifies the desired range within which audio devices should reproduce frequencies accurately. It ensures that no significant alteration or distortion occurs in the output sound.

Noise: IEC 60268-17:2021 sets limits on the maximum permissible noise levels of audio equipment at various operating conditions, ensuring minimal interference in the audio signal.

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): The standard defines acceptable levels of THD, which quantifies the distortion produced by audio equipment. Lower THD values indicate better audio fidelity.

Stability: IEC 60268-17:2021 mandates that audio devices should maintain their performance and functionality within specific tolerances over extended periods, ensuring consistent sound quality and reliability.

Benefits and Impact

Compliance with IEC 60268-17:2021 brings several benefits to manufacturers, consumers, and the audio industry as a whole:

1. Standardized Performance: The standard ensures that audio equipment conforms to a set of universally accepted benchmarks for sound quality and performance, facilitating interoperability and compatibility between different systems.

2. Consumer Confidence: By complying with IEC 60268-17:2021, manufacturers can provide customers with assurance regarding the quality and reliability of their products, improving consumer satisfaction and trust.

3. Improved Audio Experience: The standard helps in achieving accurate and faithful reproduction of audio signals, resulting in enhanced listening experiences across various applications such as home entertainment, live events, and broadcasting.

4. Industry Advancement: IEC 60268-17:2021 promotes technological advancements and innovation in the audio industry by setting performance standards that push for continuous improvement in audio equipment design and manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, IEC 60268-17:2021 is a crucial international standard that ensures the reliable and consistent performance of audio equipment. Its guidelines and requirements help create high-quality audio systems, benefitting manufacturers, consumers, and the audio industry as a whole.


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