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What is BS EN 55016:1:2016?


BS EN 55016:1:2016 is a technical standard that focuses on the measurement of radio disturbance characteristics for the purpose of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) assessment. This standard applies to equipment used in various industries, including telecommunications, broadcasting, information technology, medical devices, and more.

of BS EN 55016:1:2016

This technical standard provides guidelines for measuring the levels of conducted and radiated disturbances produced by electrical and electronic equipment, as well as the testing methods used for EMC compliance. It sets out specific requirements for test setups, procedures, instrumentation, and interpretation of results.

The main objective of BS EN 55016:1:2016 is to establish consistent and reliable measurement techniques to ensure that equipment doesn't generate excessive electromagnetic interference (EMI), which could disrupt the proper functioning of other devices in the vicinity.

The Importance of EMC Compliance

Complying with BS EN 55016:1:2016 is crucial for manufacturers in order to demonstrate that their products meet the necessary EMC requirements. By achieving EMC compliance, manufacturers can ensure that their equipment operates without causing interference or being susceptible to external disturbances.

Non-compliance not only poses a risk to the performance and reliability of the equipment itself but also negatively impacts other nearby devices and systems, potentially leading to severe consequences. For instance, in sensitive environments like hospitals or military facilities, EMI could interfere with critical medical equipment or communication systems, compromising patient safety or national security.


BS EN 55016:1:2016 plays a vital role in maintaining electromagnetic compatibility in various industries. By adhering to this technical standard, manufacturers can ensure their equipment meets the necessary EMC requirements and operates efficiently without causing interference. This not only protects the integrity of their products but also helps maintain the reliability of other devices and systems that may be affected by electromagnetic disturbances.

Overall, BS EN 55016:1:2016 serves as a comprehensive guide for measuring and assessing radio disturbance characteristics, paving the way for safe and reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment in today's interconnected world.


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