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What is BS EN 45620:2017 ?

Key Elements of BSEN 16664:2020

3.Field of Vision

BSEN 16664:2020 specifies the field of vision for eye protectors. The standard defines the area of the face or eye that is intended to be protected from optical radiation, liquid droplets, and other hazards.

3.Optical Characteristics

BSEN 16664:2020 outlines the optical characteristics of eye protectors, including their transparency, opacity, and refractive index. These parameters are essential for ensuring that the eye protectors do not interfere with the user's field of vision or cause any adverse effects.

3.Resistance to Ignition

BSEN 16664:2020 specifies the ignition sources that can cause eye protectors to ignite or burn, such as static electricity, sparks, or flame. The standard requires eye protectors to have a high level of resistance to ignition and to not ignite when subjected to these sources.


BSEN 16664:2020 defines the term "robustness" and specifies the tests that manufacturers must conduct to ensure that their eye protectors are robust and capable of withstanding various hazards.

3.Compatibility with Other PPE

BSEN 16664:2020 specifies the various types of personal protective equipment (PPE) that are compatible with eye protectors. The standard requires manufacturers to ensure that their eye protectors are compatible with other PPE and to not interfere with their performance.


BSEN 16664:2020 is a comprehensive standard that aims to ensure the safety and effectiveness of eye protectors. By specifying the various parameters that must be met by eye protectors, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet the necessary safety standards. Understanding the technical details of this standard is essential for manufacturers to obtain certification and to provide effective protection to their workers.


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