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What is ISO-TS 15849-5:2010?

ISO/TS 15849-5:2010 is an international standard that provides guidance and specifications for the testing of pharmaceutical rubber closures. Rubber closures are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to seal containers such as vials, bottles, and syringes, ensuring the integrity and safety of the packaged drug products. This technical article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of ISO/TS 15849-5:2010, its key requirements, and its significance in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Scope and Key Requirements

The scope of ISO/TS 15849-5:2010 focuses on the testing of rubber closures for containers specifically used in aseptic processing. Aseptic processing refers to the handling of sterile products in a controlled environment, free from any microbial contamination. The standard encompasses various essential parameters that need to be evaluated to assess the quality and performance of rubber closures.

One of the primary requirements outlined in ISO/TS 15849-5:2010 is the determination of physicochemical properties. These include tests such as measurement of dimensions, determination of resistance to extraction by specific solvents, analysis of extractable metals, evaluation of water extractable substances, and assessment of extractable proteins. Additionally, the standard provides guidelines for evaluating the closure's ability to maintain a proper seal, its resilience to sterilization processes, and its suitability for use with different types of drugs.

Significance in Pharmaceutical Packaging

ISO/TS 15849-5:2010 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products. The rigorous testing requirements specified in the standard help to identify potential issues with rubber closures that could compromise the sterility and stability of drugs. By complying with the standard, pharmaceutical manufacturers can mitigate the risks associated with container closure system failures, which may lead to contamination, drug degradation, and compromised patient safety.

Furthermore, adherence to ISO/TS 15849-5:2010 promotes consistency and harmonization in the evaluation of rubber closures. This allows for easier comparison between different closure suppliers and facilitates the selection of suitable closures for specific drug formulations and packaging requirements. The standard also aids in establishing clear communication between manufacturers, regulatory authorities, and end-users, ensuring a common understanding of the testing protocols and acceptance criteria.


ISO/TS 15849-5:2010 serves as a valuable benchmark for the testing of pharmaceutical rubber closures. Its comprehensive requirements cover various important aspects related to closure performance and quality, helping to ensure the safety and efficacy of drug products. By following this standardized approach, pharmaceutical manufacturers can enhance their quality control processes, minimize the risks associated with container closure system failures, and ultimately contribute to the overall integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.


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