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What is EN ISO 2813:2019

EN ISO 2813:2019 is an international standard that defines the method for determining the specular gloss of non-metallic paint coatings and surfaces. It provides guidelines and procedures for measuring the reflective properties of materials, helping to assess their appearance and quality.

Importance of Specular Gloss Measurement

Specular gloss is a fundamental property that affects the visual perception of objects. Measuring the gloss level of a surface is crucial in industries such as automotive, aerospace, furniture, and printing, where high-quality finishes are required. EN ISO 2813:2019 sets parameters for such measurements so that they can be standardized worldwide.

Measurement Principles and Techniques

The standard outlines two main techniques for measuring specular gloss: the angle of incidence (formally known as the traditional) method and the multi-angle method. The angle of incidence method measures the gloss at a specific angle, while the multi-angle method captures gloss values at various angles, mimicking how human eyes perceive gloss under different lighting conditions.

In both methods, specialized gloss meters equipped with light sources and detectors are used. These devices illuminate the sample and measure the reflected light, allowing for accurate gloss readings. Regular calibration of these instruments is essential to ensure precise and consistent results.

Applications and Benefits

EN ISO 2813:2019 has wide-ranging applications across industries. In the automotive sector, it helps evaluate the gloss levels of vehicle exteriors, ensuring uniformity and visual appeal. In the printing industry, the standard assists in maintaining the desired gloss finish on packaging materials.

By following EN ISO 2813:2019, manufacturers and quality control laboratories can achieve reliable gloss measurements, enabling them to set and meet acceptable gloss standards for their products. Consistency in gloss levels enhances customer satisfaction and increases the perceived value of goods.

Ultimately, EN ISO 2813:2019 aids in establishing a common language for communicating gloss requirements, facilitating trade and collaboration among industries worldwide.


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