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What is EN ISO 2725-1:2011?

EN ISO 2725-1:2011 is an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). It specifies the dimensions and tolerances for hand-operated square drive socket wrenches, commonly known as socket sets or ratchets.

Key Features of EN ISO 2725-1:2011

The standard covers several important aspects of square drive socket wrenches. Firstly, it defines the dimensions of the drives, including the diameter and shape of both the square socket opening and the connecting male drive. This ensures compatibility and interchangeability between different manufacturers and suppliers.

Secondly, the standard establishes tolerance limits to guarantee the proper fit and engagement between the socket wrench and the corresponding fasteners. These tolerance limits help prevent slippage or damage to the fasteners and improve overall efficiency and safety during use.

Furthermore, EN ISO 2725-1:2011 specifies the minimum requirements for torque performance and durability of socket wrenches. It sets criteria for testing the endurance and maximum torque capacity of these tools, ensuring their reliability and long-term functionality in various working conditions.

Benefits and Applications

The adoption of EN ISO 2725-1:2011 brings numerous advantages to both manufacturers and users of square drive socket wrenches. By providing standardized dimensions and tolerances, this standard facilitates the production process, reduces manufacturing costs, and enables easy interchangeability of sockets and drives within a set. It also helps in creating a competitive global market for these tools, where customers can confidently select products from various manufacturers.

For end-users, EN ISO 2725-1:2011 ensures the quality and reliability of socket wrenches, enhancing work efficiency and reducing the risk of accidents caused by tool failure. It also simplifies the selection of socket sets for specific applications since the standardized sizes and tolerances allow for easy integration with other tools and equipment.


EN ISO 2725-1:2011 is an essential standard that establishes the dimensions, tolerances, and performance requirements for square drive socket wrenches. Its adoption encourages global standardization and improves the overall quality, safety, and compatibility of these tools. Whether you are a manufacturer or a user, complying with EN ISO 2725-1:2011 ensures that your socket wrenches meet the highest industry standards.


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