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What is UL1587


UL1587 is a technical standard that plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical power supplies. It specifies the requirements, testing methods, and ratings for transformers and power sources used in various applications. This article aims to provide a thorough understanding of UL1587 and its significance in the electrical industry.

The Purpose of UL1587

UL1587 sets forth a comprehensive set of guidelines and criteria for evaluating transformers and power sources. Its primary purpose is to ensure that these devices meet specific safety and performance requirements under normal operating conditions as well as during abnormal events such as short circuits or overloads. By complying with UL1587, manufacturers can offer products that are tested and approved for safety, giving consumers peace of mind.

Key Requirements of UL1587

Compliance with UL1587 entails meeting several key requirements. Firstly, transformers and power sources must have sufficient insulation to prevent electric shock hazards. This involves testing the devices to ensure they can withstand high voltage levels without posing any danger to users. Additionally, UL1587 mandates that these devices exhibit proper thermal characteristics, meaning they should operate within acceptable temperature limits to prevent overheating or fire risks.

Furthermore, UL1587 defines the minimum energy efficiency levels that transformers and power sources should achieve. This helps promote energy conservation and sustainability by encouraging manufacturers to produce more efficient devices. Additionally, the standard also covers aspects such as mechanical strength, marking, and documentation to ensure transparency and traceability of products.

Testing Methods for UL1587 Compliance

To determine whether a transformer or power source meets the requirements of UL1587, rigorous testing procedures are employed. These tests evaluate parameters such as input/output voltage, current, power factor, temperature rise, and insulation resistance. The devices are subjected to various load conditions, short circuit situations, and overloads to assess their performance and safety features.

Moreover, the testing process may involve measuring parameters during initial startup, continuous operation, and shutdown phases to analyze the behavior of the device throughout its lifecycle. Compliance with UL1587 requires all test results to meet specified limits, ensuring that the transformer or power source maintains its functionality even in demanding conditions.

In conclusion, UL1587 is a vital technical standard in the electrical industry. It sets forth requirements for transformers and power sources to ensure their safety, reliability, and energy efficiency. Manufacturers adhering to UL1587 can offer products that have undergone rigorous testing procedures, providing consumers with trustworthy electrical devices. By understanding the purpose and key requirements of UL1587, stakeholders in the industry can make informed decisions regarding product selection and usage, ultimately contributing to a safer and more sustainable electrical infrastructure.


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