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What is ISO 17712:2021?

ISO 17712:2021 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the implementation of security seals on containers used in global trade. This standard aims to ensure the integrity and security of containers during transportation, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to their contents. With the increasing concerns about tampering and theft in the supply chain, ISO 17712:2021 plays a crucial role in enhancing container security.

The Importance of ISO 17712:2021

ISO 17712:2021 is essential for multiple reasons. Firstly, it helps standardize the design, testing, and classification of security seals, ensuring that they meet specific requirements to deter tampering and provide evidence of any attempt. By using ISO 17712:2021-compliant seals, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining supply chain security, which can enhance customer confidence and trust in their operations.

Secondly, ISO 17712:2021 imposes strict procedures for seal handling and documentation, requiring organizations to maintain records throughout the seal's lifespan, from application to removal. This enables traceability and accountability, making it easier to identify any breach or attempted tampering.

Types of Security Seals

ISO 17712:2021 defines three main categories of security seals: indicative seals, barrier seals, and electronic seals (E-seals). Each category has its own characteristics and applications.

Indicative seals are typically made of plastic or metal and cannot be resealed once broken. They are designed to provide evidence of tampering by showing visible signs such as cut marks or changes in color. Barrier seals, on the other hand, are more robust and require tools to be removed, making them suitable for high-security applications such as shipping containers.

E-seals, also known as electronic seals or smart seals, incorporate technologies such as GPS, sensors, and electronic ID chips. They provide real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, allowing for enhanced security and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Benefits and Challenges of ISO 17712:2021 Implementation

The implementation of ISO 17712:2021 brings several benefits to organizations involved in global trade. Firstly, it reduces the risk of cargo theft by deterring unauthorized access and providing evidence of tampering. This helps protect the integrity of goods and prevents financial losses.

Secondly, ISO 17712:2021 fosters collaboration between stakeholders in the supply chain, as it serves as a common reference for all parties involved in container security. By following the same standards and procedures, organizations can improve communication and streamline their operations.

However, implementing ISO 17712:2021 may also present challenges. Organizations need to invest in appropriate sealing equipment, train personnel on proper handling, and ensure compliance with documentation requirements. Additionally, the costs associated with ISO 17712:2021-compliant seals can be higher compared to non-compliant alternatives.


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