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What is EN ISO 27137:2011

EN ISO 27137:2011, also known as "Information technology - Security techniques - Guidelines for identification, collection, acquisition and preservation of digital evidence," is a technical standard that provides guidance on the process of collecting, acquiring, and preserving digital evidence in the field of information technology security.

Understanding the Scope

The scope of EN ISO 27137:2011 encompasses various aspects of digital evidence handling. It outlines the procedures for identifying potential sources of digital evidence, including electronic devices, storage media, and network infrastructure. Additionally, it provides guidelines for the collection and acquisition of this evidence in a manner that ensures its integrity and preserves its evidentiary value.

Key Principles and Procedures

EN ISO 27137:2011 lays out key principles and procedures for the handling of digital evidence. These include establishing a chain of custody, maintaining the integrity of the evidence, documenting all actions taken during the collection and acquisition process, and ensuring that data extraction methods are reliable and do not compromise the original evidence.

Benefits and Impact

The adoption of EN ISO 27137:2011 brings several benefits to the field of digital forensics. It provides a standardized framework for organizations and professionals involved in digital evidence collection, ensuring consistency and reliability in their practices. Furthermore, it enhances the credibility and admissibility of digital evidence in legal proceedings, as adherence to this standard reflects a robust and scientifically sound approach.


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