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What is EN 5173:20010

EN 5173:2010 is a technical standard that plays a crucial role in various industries, ensuring safety, quality, and performance standards are met in the production and use of specific equipment. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of EN 5173:2010 and its significance.


The scope of EN 5173:2010 covers a wide range of products, including electrical and electronic devices, measurement and control devices, and various industrial equipment. The standard provides detailed guidelines for manufacturers, engineers, and technicians to follow during the design, production, installation, and maintenance processes.

By adhering to EN 5173:2010, companies can ensure their products meet all necessary safety regulations, perform reliably, and achieve maximum efficiency. The standard establishes a common framework that simplifies the product development process and allows for easier international trade.

Benefits of EN 5173:2010 Compliance

Compliance with EN 5173:2010 offers several benefits to both manufacturers and end-users. Firstly, it enhances product safety by providing clear guidelines for design, testing, and inspection. This reduces the risk of accidents, malfunctions, or other potential hazards associated with faulty equipment, ensuring the well-being of workers and consumers.

Secondly, adherence to this standard improves product quality and reliability. by outlining specific requirements for materials, workmanship, and performance, EN 5173:2010 helps companies produce devices that meet the highest industry standards. This results in products that function effectively, have longer lifespans, and contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, EN 5173:2010 compliance facilitates international trade by harmonizing quality and safety requirements. As a recognized standard across many countries, it allows manufacturers to gain access to global markets without the need for extensive retesting and certification processes. This saves both time and money, increasing business opportunities for companies.


EN 5173:2010 is an essential technical standard that ensures safety, quality, and performance in various industries. By following its guidelines, manufacturers can develop reliable and safe products, while end-users can benefit from improved safety, quality, and easier access to international markets. Compliance with EN 5173:2010 helps create a more standardized and trustworthy industrial environment, benefiting all stakeholders involved.


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