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What is BS EN 60335-2-79? - A Technical


BS EN 60335-2-79 is a standard that specifies safety requirements for household appliances. It covers the safety aspects of floor treatment machines, including dry vacuum cleaners and wet cleaners with or without a heating element. This article aims to provide a technical understanding of this standard, its significance, and the implications it has on the design and manufacturing of these appliances.

The Purpose of BS EN 60335-2-79

The primary purpose of BS EN 60335-2-79 is to ensure the safety of consumers when using floor treatment machines. It sets guidelines and requirements for manufacturers to follow during the design, construction, and testing phases of these appliances. By conforming to this standard, manufacturers can demonstrate compliance with the essential safety principles and minimize potential risks to users.

Key Safety Requirements

BS EN 60335-2-79 outlines numerous safety requirements that must be met by floor treatment machines. These include protection against electric shock, mechanical hazards, thermal hazards, and fire hazards. The standard specifies various tests, such as insulation resistance, leakage current, temperature measurements, and stability tests. Additionally, it addresses issues related to supply cords, connectors, control devices, and instructions for safe use.

Implications on Design and Manufacturing

Manufacturers need to consider several factors when designing and manufacturing floor treatment machines compliant with BS EN 60335-2-79. They must incorporate safety features and mechanisms to mitigate risks associated with electrical components, moving parts, and exposure to heat. This may involve implementing insulation systems, using suitable materials, and incorporating fail-safe mechanisms. Manufacturers also need to provide clear instructions for safe operation and maintenance of these appliances.

In conclusion, BS EN 60335-2-79 is an important standard that ensures the safety of consumers when using floor treatment machines. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to producing safe and reliable appliances. Consumers should look for products that comply with BS EN 60335-2-79 to ensure the highest levels of safety in their homes.


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