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What is BS EN 16640:2020?

BS EN 16640:2020 is a technical standard that sets out the requirements for safety eyewear and associated equipment. It provides guidelines for manufacturers, users, and regulators to ensure the quality and effectiveness of safety eyewear in various industries and environments.

Background and Scope

The development of BS EN 16640:2020 was driven by the need for a comprehensive and updated standard that addresses the evolving needs and challenges in occupational safety. The scope of the standard covers various aspects of safety eyewear, such as mechanical strength, optical properties, compatibility with other personal protective equipment (PPE), and resistance to hazards like impact, chemical splashes, and heat.

Main Requirements and Testing Procedures

BS EN 16640:2020 outlines specific requirements for different types of safety eyewear, including goggles, face shields, and visors. These requirements include minimum coverage areas, optical class, mechanical strength, field of vision, and compatibility with prescription lenses. Manufacturers must conform to these requirements and perform various tests on their products to ensure compliance. These tests may include impact resistance tests, flammability tests, and tests for resistance to chemicals and UV radiation.

Benefits and Considerations

Complying with BS EN 16640:2020 can bring several benefits to both manufacturers and users of safety eyewear. For manufacturers, adherence to the standard demonstrates their commitment to producing high-quality and reliable products. It also helps them meet legal and regulatory requirements in different markets. For users, having safety eyewear that meets this standard ensures adequate protection against potential hazards, reducing the risk of eye injuries and improving overall safety in the workplace.

However, it's important to note that BS EN 16640:2020 is not a substitute for proper training and workplace safety protocols. Safety eyewear should be used in conjunction with other appropriate PPE and in accordance with specific industry guidelines and risk assessments.


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