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What is ISO 17339:2010?

ISO 17339:2010, also known as "Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Direct manipulation dialogues," is an international standard that provides guidelines for designing interactive systems. This standard focuses on direct manipulation interfaces - interfaces where users can directly interact with objects or elements on the screen.

The Importance of ISO 17339:2010

ISO 17339:2010 plays a vital role in ensuring the usability and effectiveness of interactive systems. It helps designers understand how users interact with technology and provides guidelines to create user-friendly interfaces. By following these guidelines, designers can improve user satisfaction, productivity, and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Main Principles of ISO 17339:2010

ISO 17339:2010 outlines several key principles that should be considered when designing direct manipulation dialogues:

Visibility of system status: Users should always be aware of the system's current state, with clear and timely feedback provided.

Match between system and the real world: The system's terminology, concepts, and operations should be familiar and consistent with user expectations.

User control and freedom: Users should have the ability to easily undo actions, recover from errors, and navigate through the interface.

Consistency and standards: Consistent and standardized design elements should be used throughout the interface to minimize cognitive load and improve learnability.

Error prevention: The interface should be designed in a way that prevents user errors or provides effective error handling mechanisms.

Efficiency and flexibility: The interface should be efficient to use, allowing users to accomplish their tasks quickly and with minimal effort. It should also provide customization options to cater to different user preferences.


ISO 17339:2010 is an essential standard for designers of interactive systems. By adhering to its guidelines, designers can create interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly, and enhance overall user experience. Incorporating these principles into the design process ensures that technology adapts to the needs and capabilities of users, rather than forcing users to adapt to technology.



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