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What is ISO-IEC 17024:2016?


ISO-IEC 17024:2016 is a global standard for the accreditation of personnel certification bodies. It specifies the requirements for a body certifying individuals against specific knowledge and skill standards. This standard ensures that the certification processes are fair, reliable, and consistent.

Key Features of ISO-IEC 17024:2016

ISO-IEC 17024:2016 lays down several key features to ensure the effectiveness of personnel certification bodies. One of the important features is competence-based assessment. The standard requires the certification bodies to evaluate candidates' knowledge, skills, and competencies against defined job requirements or industry standards.

Another crucial feature is impartiality. ISO-IEC 17024:2016 emphasizes that certification bodies must demonstrate impartiality in their operations, avoiding any conflicts of interest that could undermine the credibility of the certification process. This promotes trust and confidence among stakeholders.

The standard also highlights the significance of regular surveillance and reassessment. Certification bodies need to conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure certified individuals maintain their competence over time. Reevaluation at scheduled intervals prevents the certification from becoming outdated and irrelevant.

Benefits of ISO-IEC 17024:2016

Adhering to ISO-IEC 17024:2016 brings numerous benefits to personnel certification bodies as well as certificate holders. Firstly, it enhances the credibility of the certification process. Compliance with the standard's rigorous requirements establishes trust in the competence of the certified individuals.

Secondly, ISO-IEC 17024:2016 improves international recognition. Certification bodies aligned with this standard are more likely to be recognized globally, opening up opportunities for certified individuals to work across borders.

Lastly, ISO-IEC 17024:2016 promotes continuous improvement. By following the standard's guidelines, certification bodies can identify areas for enhancement in their processes and make necessary changes. This ensures the efficacy and relevance of certifications in an evolving professional landscape.


ISO-IEC 17024:2016 plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and reliability of personnel certification bodies worldwide. It establishes a framework for fair and consistent assessment processes, ensuring that individuals are certified based on their actual knowledge and skills. Adhering to this standard not only enhances credibility but also facilitates international recognition. Regular surveillance and reassessment guarantee the ongoing competence of certified individuals. Lastly, ISO-IEC 17024:2016 drives continuous improvement, enabling certification bodies to adapt to changing industry demands.


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