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What is EN 51765?

If you are not part of the technical industry, you may have never heard of EN 51765. However, this standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of various electronic devices. In this article, we will explore what EN 51765 is, why it matters, and how it affects the products we use in our everyday lives.

The Basics of EN 51765

EN 51765, also known as the "Safety of information technology equipment - Safety 65 V peak requirement", is a European standard that sets specific safety requirements for electronic devices. It specifically focuses on devices that operate at voltages up to 65 volts peak. The standard aims to minimize the risk of electrical shocks and other hazards associated with these devices.

The scope of EN 51765 covers a wide range of electronic equipment, including computers, printers, scanners, televisions, audio systems, and more. Any device that falls within this voltage range must comply with the safety requirements outlined in EN 51765 before it can be sold in the European market.

The Importance of EN 51765

EN 51765 is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures the safety of users when operating electronic devices. By specifying clear safety requirements, the standard helps prevent electric shocks and other potential dangers that could arise from faulty or poorly designed equipment.

This standard also plays a vital role in facilitating trade between European Union member states. Since EN 51765 is a harmonized standard, compliance with its requirements allows electronic devices to be freely circulated and sold within the EU without the need for additional testing or certification. This streamlines the process for manufacturers and reduces barriers to market entry.

Compliance and Testing Requirements

Complying with EN 51765 involves several steps and testing procedures. Manufacturers need to ensure that their devices meet the electrical safety requirements, insulation requirements, protection against electric shock, and other relevant criteria defined in the standard.

Testing for compliance is typically conducted by accredited laboratories that specialize in electrical safety testing. These labs verify that the electronic devices meet the necessary safety standards and provide the necessary documentation to prove compliance. The testing process includes various electrical tests such as leakage current, dielectric withstand voltage, and insulation resistance measurements.

In conclusion, EN 51765 is a crucial standard that ensures the safety and reliability of electronic devices operating at voltages up to 65 volts peak. By establishing clear safety requirements and facilitating trade within the European Union, this standard plays a key role in protecting consumers and enabling manufacturers to bring their products to market efficiently. Compliance with EN 51765 is essential for any electronic device manufacturer aiming to distribute their products in the EU.


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