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What is IEC 60061-3:2011?

IEC 60061-3:2011 is an International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard that defines the requirements and guidelines for the dimension, designation, and marking of lamp caps and holders. This standard ensures interoperability between different types of lighting products and facilitates safe and efficient installation and replacement of lamps.

Importance of Standardization in Lighting Industry

Standardization plays a crucial role in the lighting industry as it enables manufacturers, suppliers, and users to operate in a consistent and reliable manner. In the case of lamp caps and holders, compliance with IEC 60061-3:2011 ensures that products from different manufacturers can be seamlessly interchanged without any compatibility issues. It also guarantees that lamps are securely held in their sockets, minimizing the risk of accidents or electrical faults.

Key Requirements of IEC 60061-3:2011

IEC 60061-3:2011 specifies the dimensions and tolerances for various lamp caps and holders. It defines the minimum and maximum limits for parameters such as diameter, height, screw thread pitch, and electrical contacts. Additionally, the standard mandates specific markings and symbols on the lamp caps and holders to provide necessary information to users regarding their features, ratings, and usage.

Benefits for Manufacturers and Consumers

Compliance with IEC 60061-3:2011 offers several advantages to both manufacturers and consumers. For manufacturers, adherence to this standard allows for easier market access by ensuring that their products meet international requirements. They can focus on designing innovative lighting solutions without having to worry about product compatibility issues. Consumers benefit from this standard as it simplifies the process of finding suitable replacement lamps and reduces the risk of purchasing incompatible or unsafe products.


IEC 60061-3:2011 is a critical standard that addresses the dimensional requirements and marking guidelines for lamp caps and holders. Its implementation enables interoperability between different lighting products and ensures safe and efficient operation. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers and users can confidently rely on the compatibility and quality of lamp caps and holders, simplifying the installation and replacement process while maintaining the highest standards of safety in the lighting industry.


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