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What is EN ISO 19427:2014?


EN ISO 19427:2014 is a technical standard that provides guidelines for the design, development, and implementation of management systems for organizations performing radiation processing. This includes the sterilization of healthcare products, the treatment of plastics, the preservation of food, and other applications where ionizing radiation is used.


The scope of EN ISO 19427:2014 covers the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving a management system to ensure the safe and effective use of radiation in various industries. It applies to all organizations that perform radiation processing, regardless of their size or the type of radiation source they use.

Key Elements

The standard emphasizes several key elements for organizations to consider when implementing a radiation processing management system:

1. Management commitment: Top management must demonstrate their commitment to radiation safety by providing necessary resources, setting objectives, and actively participating in the system's development and improvement.

2. Risk assessment: Organizations should conduct a thorough analysis of potential risks associated with radiation processing activities and implement suitable controls to mitigate them effectively.

3. Competence and training: Personnel involved in radiation processing must have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to perform their tasks safely and effectively. Training programs should be established and regularly evaluated.

4. Monitoring and measurement: Regular monitoring and measurement of radiation sources, equipment performance, and process parameters are essential to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational standards.

5. Incident investigation and corrective actions: In case of incidents or non-conformities, organizations should investigate the root causes, take corrective actions, and implement preventive measures to prevent recurrence.


EN ISO 19427:2014 serves as a comprehensive guideline for organizations involved in radiation processing. By implementing a robust management system based on this standard, organizations can ensure the safe and effective use of ionizing radiation in various applications. Compliance with EN ISO 19427:2014 helps improve operational efficiency, reduce risks, and enhance customer confidence in the quality and safety of products processed using radiation.


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