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What is EN 60335-2-62:2018?

EN 60335-2-62:2018 is a standard that focuses on the safety of equipment used in professional beauty salons, spas, and similar establishments. This standard outlines specific requirements for electrical and mechanical safety, as well as protection against hazards such as electric shock, fire, and injury. The aim of this technical article is to provide a thorough understanding of EN 60335-2-62:2018 and its significance in ensuring safety in the beauty industry.

Ensuring Electrical Safety

One of the key aspects of EN 60335-2-62:2018 is the emphasis on electrical safety. This includes ensuring that all electrical components used in salon equipment are properly insulated and grounded, reducing the risk of electric shock to both operators and clients. Additionally, the standard requires equipment to have proper overload protection, preventing overheating or damage due to excessive electrical loads.

To comply with this standard, manufacturers must perform rigorous testing to ensure that equipment meets the necessary electrical safety requirements. This may include conducting dielectric strength tests, insulation resistance tests, and earth continuity tests. By adhering to these stringent measures, the risk of electric shock and related accidents can be significantly minimized.

Addressing Mechanical Hazards

In addition to electrical safety, EN 60335-2-62:2018 also addresses various mechanical hazards associated with salon equipment. This includes requirements for sharp edges or points to be adequately protected, reducing the likelihood of injury during operation. Furthermore, the standard specifies guidelines for the stability and structural integrity of the equipment, preventing accidents caused by equipment tipping over or collapsing.

Manufacturers must conduct thorough mechanical testing to ensure compliance with these requirements. This may involve assessments of stability, durability, and protective measures such as guards and shields. By adhering to these mechanical safety standards, the risk of physical harm to both operators and clients can be significantly reduced.

Fire Safety and Prevention

EN 60335-2-62:2018 also encompasses fire safety measures for salon equipment. This includes requirements for ensuring that equipment does not pose a fire hazard during normal use or in the event of a malfunction. The standard specifies that equipment should be constructed from flame-retardant materials and should not emit excessive heat that could potentially ignite flammable substances.

To comply with these fire safety regulations, manufacturers must conduct thorough testing to assess the resistance of materials used in salon equipment to ignition and flame spread. Additionally, thermal testing may be conducted to ensure that the equipment maintains safe operating temperatures. By adhering to these fire safety guidelines, the risk of fires in beauty establishments can be effectively mitigated.

In conclusion, EN 60335-2-62:2018 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of equipment used in professional beauty salons, spas, and similar establishments. By focusing on electrical safety, addressing mechanical hazards, and implementing fire safety measures, this standard aims to protect operators and clients from potential risks and accidents. Manufacturers must adhere to these standards and perform rigorous testing to ensure compliance, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure beauty industry.


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